GERARD is extreme weather resistant. Does it sound reassuring?

GERARD’s Roofing System is designed to withstand just about anything climate change may bring towards your home.

Extreme high winds? GERARD-PROTECTION is on!

A 160 km/h hurricane can come your way but GERARD extreme weather resistant roofs could resist even that!

Check out our legendary hurricane test. It can protect your home confidently even in the fiercest storms. What is our secret?

The unique, horizontal fastening system of GERARD.

The unique, horizontal fastening system of GERARD

Each panel is fixed horizontally at 8 different points with strong fasteners or nails to roof battens, thus wind shear is virtually eliminated. Most other roofing products relay on vertical fixing methods that are prone to lifting in high winds.

Ask our roofers if they ever had to repair a GERARD roof damaged by storm.

Huge hail stones & Snow? GERARD-PROTECTION is on!

Gerard roof tiles resistant to up to 30 mm hail stones.


Extreme changes in our climate may bring huge hail stones damaging roofs. Not worryproof GERARD roofs! Our roofing system is resistant to damage from hail stones up to 30 mm. Even a massive hail stone as large as 90 mm cannot penetrate GERARD roofs, thus the roof’s weather security remains intact.


Furthermore, a potential life saver is built into every single GERARD profile through the stone chip coating. Its rough texture will not allow snow slides but holds snow in place until it melts naturally and harmlessly. GERARD can withstand snow loading and there is no degradation of the surface coating when exposed to ice or frost!


Winter, ice and snow? With worryproof GERARD roof that means fun!

And even your roof looks better without those ugly snow stops!


Ask our roofers if they ever had to fix a GERARD roof damaged by hail.


A house on fire is better protected with GERARD.

A house on fire can collapse under a heavy roof, but less likely under GERARD’s lightweight, pressed metal roof! GERARD roofing system is resistant to fire as the incombustible steel substrate and surface coating prevents even the spread of flames. With every tile being securely fastened at eight points, there is little chance ofthe roof collapsing and will not allow sparks penetrating through into the house. As a result GERARD roofs have passed stringent international fire tests.

Earthquakes? GERARD-PROTECTION is on!

Being 7 times lighter than concrete or clay roof tiles, extreme weather resistant roof tiles can even withstand smaller earthquakes. There are documented instances of other heavyweight roofing products collapsing homes while GERAD roofs in the same street remained intact and with minimal damage. Weakened walls can tolerate light weight roof and interlocking tiles result in strong roof.


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